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100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design - Steven Heller. A Book Review

'100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design'

'100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design'

‘100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design’ combines all the elements that transformed graphic design as a whole.  The book is written by American art director Steven Heller who is known for his keen interest in graphic design.  Heller has contributed to many design publications including EYE magazine, The New York Times and I.D.

The book itself is broken down into categories called “ideas” and focuses on these throughout; there are 100 entries, which is obvious given the name.  The ideas range from historical references, to technical approaches.  It is the perfect reference book when you’re looking for a fresh design direction on a tricky project.

There are loud, colourful images paired alongside bold blocks of text, which makes it easy on the eye after a day of looking at a screen.  Browsing ‘100 ideas’ is educational and a little reminder to some practices you are aware of already like use of colour, or utilising white space more efficiently.  I particularly enjoy the brief background and history to some design techniques and learning about designers in the past that have mastered them. 

Overall ‘100 Ideas’ is engaging, informative, and inspiring.  I love flicking through the book when I have hit a creative block or when I’m taking a break from looking at the computer. It will carry on being an insightful resource on my bookshelf.

(As you can see in the images below the book has been much loved and used)