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Jac Leirner, Institutional Ghost - Irish Museum of Modern Art

Jac Leirner, Institutional Ghost

14 February - 05 June 2017 - IMMA Court Yard

IMMA is the Irish Museum of Modern Art situated about 5 minutes walk from Heuston Station in Dublin.  I had a few hours to spare while in the city centre recently so I decided to take a stroll throughout the gallery and it’s grounds.

IMMA Gardens

IMMA Gardens

A solo exhibition by Brazillian artist Jac Leirner is currently on display at the IMMA courtyard.  Since I was the only person in the exhibition at the time I took a few extra moments to absorb the work.

Leirner’s source of inspiration was everyday objects.  The moment you walked into the exhibition space there were pieces of old cigarette cartons attached to the walls, these swarmed and surrounded the spectator. As you roamed through each room the variety of materials changed, on the right there was a collection of plastic rulers in various shades of blue aligned to make a pattern.


That theme continued with numerous types of rulers being used throughout the spaces creating different patterns along the white walls.  One wall as you carried through to the left was filled with rolling papers, perfectly aligned, they looked like they fluttered and moved somehow in harmony. 

The use of juxtaposition throughout the exhibition was apparent, giving new meaning to the objects.  

My favourite piece within the collection was called “Little Light”, it featured a delicate copper cord carefully lined up against the wall, at the end of the cord there is a tiny bulb shining brightly. 

The piece sent me a message of hope, it made me think “light at the end of the tunnel” perhaps that is just my interpretation but that is the joy of art, it’s open to your own individual response.

Little Light

The exhibition closes on 05 June 2017. Admission is free.