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Dublin Food Co-Op

Dublin Food Co-op

About the project

Dublin Food Co-op is an ethical food store based in Dublin city centre which embraces community and sustainable living. The Co-op is an organisation formed by a mutual passion for the environment and organic produce. In the age of the conscious consumer Dublin Food Co-op promotes the rational use of the Earth’s resources while supplying organic whole foods to their customers. The Co-op is much more than a shopping experience it is a community with easy access to healthy, fresh produce. Customers can support local, small scale agriculture while being socially responsible and keeping their environmental footprint in mind.

The Co-op goes beyond food organising workshops, talks and events to raise its cultural profile.


The main objective is to modernise the Dublin Food Co-op’s image whilst keeping their traditional roots and ethos intact. To understand the history of the Co-op and its morals we will produce a brand identity aimed at deepening their current member base but also enticing more health conscious, forward thinking consumers to the Co-op. and to introduce more customers to support the local Co-op and help to sustain our environment while expanding this vibrant community of like-minded thinkers.


  • Double Diamond

  • Interviews

  • Surveys

  • Personas

  • Secondary Research


  • Consumers

  • Co-op Members

  • Local Suppliers

Design Areas

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Print

  • User Experience

  • User Interaction

  • Social Media


“Nourishing Community” and “Deep Rooted Since 1983”
These slogans were developed as part of the branding.

WIcked Problem

“Define the problem, design the solution.”

Brands help consumers make choices. It appeals to the senses, a good brand makes us want to see it, touch it, hold it and watch it. Dublin Food Co-op are at a turning point in their business, they are planning on moving premises and are trying to find a niche in the supermarket industry in Dublin. This project was deemed a wicked problem since the client were not certain of what they wanted but knew they wanted change and a refresh to give them an edge amongst larger supermarket brands.

The solution to this problem was creating a brand positioning statement with a defined mission and vision for Dublin Food Co-ops brand while also identifying who it would attract.

Client Interview

At the initial client meeting questions were asked to try and answer some of the wicked problems at hand. Some themes emerged and documenting them visually is always helpful to give instant insight into the problem and the solution.

This quick infographic shows the interconnectedness between all aspects of the Dublin Food Co-op. This methods shows that they want to be connected to people, to the earth and to their food in the age of the conscious consumer.

Shopping at the Co-op is more than just a shopping experience it’s a community and offers an alternative to common profit-orientated business models.


Surveys and Interviews

According to social proof studies many questions which involve ethics do not get accurate results because people feel pressured to give the morally correct answer. Since many questions that were being put to potiental customers were on the topic of environmental consciousness the survey stayed anonymous so we could gather accurate insights.

Areas Identified are:

  1. Healthy Eating is important to a majority of people surveyed.

  2. Most had not heard of Dublin Food Co-op.

  3. Majority would pay more for ethically sourced goods and produce.

  4. People have busy lives and are often unable to get healthy food as often as they would like.

Co-op Shopper Interviews

Areas Identified are:

  1. Many are not members.

  2. Majority vegan or vegetarian.

  3. Age bracket 25 - 35.

  4. Mostly female.

  5. Buzzwords about the store - wholesome, spacious, multicultural, friendly.

Main target customer identified from research is female between 25-35 with disposable income and interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Lifecycle Mapping

The main areas of the customer lifecycle within the brand will be various touch-points throughout the store and online. The previous brand was uninviting and did not look professional, a revitalised brand will draw new customers which connect with sleek, clean, organic visuals.

Many people surveyed also said they would like to have healthy food conveniently since they have busy lives. Having an app or a website where the customer can place an order for delivery or collect will help the co-op tackle competition from rivals within Dublin City. Their events and activities can also be marketed on the app which will encourage engagement and experience amongst customers.

Visual Language Development

Visiting the store was the main starting point of development. The team wanted to create a logo that represented each aspect of the Co-ops values in a professional but organic and playful way.

Colour and texture inspiration from fruit and vegetables in store went on to influence the logo and other various areas of the projects visual brand. Much of the logo was also determined by four areas identified as the co-ops main brand pillars.

  • Connecting with people.

  • Focusing on the local community.

  • Supporting suppliers and their members.

  • The activist roots the co-op was founded upon.


These are only some stages of the design process. Please visit the dedicated process page for more information on other processes.




In-store Branding



Grocery App Prototype

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