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About the Project

Éirbus is an independent Irish bus company that bring services around Ireland. They take pride in offering punctual, comfortable and informative service for their passengers.


Éirbus want to be technology forward and connect to passengers mainly via digital means. Through an application they will meet the needs of their passengers by providing them with all the information and services they need at the touch of a button.

  1. Create an intuitive digital experience for Éirbus.

  2. Grow the company consumer base through digital ticket sales.

  3. Allow purchasing and scanning of tickets online.

  4. Give passengers a sense of transparency through the app.

Research Methods

  • Double Diamond

  • Interviews

  • Surveys

  • Personas

  • Secondary Research

  • Cultural Probe

Design Areas

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • User Experience

  • User Interaction

  • Illustration


  • Passengers

  • Staff

SURVEYS WITH public transport users

The main user focus was people who use public transport. A survey was created to get a large pool of information from people about their experience with public transport such as purchasing tickets, the availability of timetable information and their ease of access to both timetables and tickets through various mediums.

Areas identified are:

  1. Many users buy public transport tickets through digital means already via online or ticket machines.

  2. There is a sense of anxiety in terms of timetables and lack of transparency. Real Time Information regarding arrivals and departures helpful.

  3. Public like to be informed and stay informed about services. Many look to social media for updates.

  4. Re-entering of frequent locations and stops.

  5. Digital literacy amongst people surveyed high.

  6. Many people enjoy being prepared for a journey.

Cultural Probe

Cultural probes are used to provoke insights from users. They ignite ideas in the design process and gathers information about people’s thoughts and feelings about their environment, services or areas in their lives. Users are given a page to fill anonymously to gather insights about their feelings or interactions with a product or situation.

In this instance, people who regularly use public transport were given these sheets to distil their experience with public transport online information into a sentence or two. Many people had the same thoughts especially when it came to timetables and ticket purchasing.

User Personas

User Personas are fictional representations of various main consumers of a product or service. They help build empathy with users and helps the designer to identify what they need when designing a product, brand or service. Three user personas were used for this research.


Identifying User Needs

Some main user needs:

The main aim is allowing the user to have a seamless experience while using the app. The app has to be intuitive for the user and instantly understandable. Various areas of research indicate that the application will act as an information point for people who are customers or potential customers. Having this information to hand easily and instantly will drive people to choose this service.

Many consumers are now cash free and expect instant purchasing solutions online. The student and the commuter are mostly cash free users with busy lives. Buying tickets seamlessly through an online medium is what will drew them to the application and to this service. The commuter buys a monthly ticket so having an indication of when the ticket expires is also a need.

For customers who are not regular passengers or visitors to an area having an easy to use flow throughout the ticketing menus is essential to having an enjoyable and uncomplicated experience. The pensioner user was not familiar with the area they were travelling to so having that as a marker point on the application would fulfil those user needs. Having real time information about where they are on route will also help passengers who do not frequent the location and allows them to be prepared to exit the bus.

These are only some stages of the design process. Please visit the dedicated process page for more information on other processes.






App Development

App Prototype