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Image making brief based off modern social issues. This brief was in collaboration with TypeTrail Kells Co. Meath


Rise focuses on naturalistic realism, which are the social issues and hardships of everyday life. The objective was to engage in research and creative experimentation to develop a work for submission. The brief asked to incorporate type and image.

Looking back on the death of Veronica Guerin and the words, which spoke of Irelands true freedom from fear it interlinked to become a project highlighting the vicious nature of gang warfare in Ireland and the right we have as Irish people to try stop the hijacking of our liberty.

Papers from 1916 were reprinted to give people a sense of what was happening around the time period. I decided to reinterpret these papers with modern headlines and stories while adding a glimpse of dark humour.

This piece is currently on exhibition as part of Kells Type Trail in Kells, County Meath.

Pasting Notes