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TypeTrail Festival

TypeTrail Festival

TypeTrail festival celebrates letters as an art form. It brings artists, designers and communities together in this celebration and allows them to explore and create work around typography. The festival takes place in Kells, County Meath and trails around the town. Kells has a deep connection with typography through the Book of Kells the festival hopes to keep that connection alive.

The festival is linked with Sawmills Studio. It is now entering its tenth year and its popularity is growing steadily. With the establishment of Sawmills Studio the visual strategy of the festival also needed to be defined across various mediums. To view Sawmills Studio rebrand please follow the link.


Promote, create and synchronise a visual communication strategy for TypeTrail Festival. Connect Sawmills Studio to the festival while also establishing TypeTrail Festival as it’s own standalone event.


  • General Public

  • Tourists

Design Areas

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • User Experience

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Digital elements

using google maps

The client has not got much funding so creating an app to guide people throughout the festival would be costly. Since TypeTrail is a walking trail around the town of Kells introducing Google Maps as a cost effective solution to digitally direct people and explain each creative piece on the journey. Creating their own TypeTrail link on Google Maps allows organisers to update these elements themselves each year.

Social Media

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